Dawow Moms Celebrates International Babywearing Week 2016

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Over 150 dabawenyo and dabawenya parents from different walks of life gathered as they celebrate the culmination day of week long International Babywearing 2016. The event was held at Social Hall- University of Southeastern Philippines, Obrero, Davao City last October 9, 2016. This year's celebration was made possible by Dawow Moms (a local mommy support group in Davao City) in cooperation with Babywearing Philippines (BWP) along with their sponsors. 

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The goal of International Babywearing Week is to celebrate, promote, advocate for and focus media on the benefits of babywearing. On this note, one of Dawow Moms' admin Karen Amaya-Alconga started the program by welcoming the participants.

Photo credit: Dawow Moms

Another Dawow Moms' admin Axel May Clapano, the keynote speaker, discussed about the benefits of babywearing and how she juggles motherhood and work while taking care of her baby.

Photo credit: Dawow Moms

She also lectured about baby's optimal position, babywearing myths, substandard/not recommended carriers and types of recommended carriers. Along with the help of some mommy participants Ms. Clapano demonstrated basic carries using different carriers.

A carry show is also added to recap all previous discussions. 

The organizers aim to inspire mommies to continue sharing the love for babywearing. Non-babywearers were also given opportunity to try different carriers with the help from their fellow mommies. Carrier stations were prepared by Aubrey Cabo and Charmaine Emphasis both Dawow Moms Moderators. Everyone had fun trying carriers while helping each other learn new carries.

There were also raffles items and giveaways given. Mommies and daddies enjoyed the games during the event.

After the demonstration, participants danced momba (mommy zumba) while wearing their babies led by Faith, Elvie, Milessa , Cris, and Charmaine.

The program concludes as they share their potluck meals which they brought individually. Finally, everyone went home smiling as they ended the day filled with knowledge, inspiration and new friends.

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