Dyed My Hair Before The Wedding | From Brown to Rose Red

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They say don’t do crazy things to your hair few months before your wedding. But no, that rule does not apply to me. I don’t want to spend my eternity watching my black/brown brassy boring hair in my wedding pictures. Uhhm no!

Since our wedding preparation (April 2016) lasted for only 18 days. Everything we do is in rush including my hair. Yes 18 days only and that’s another story. Actually, I’ve been planning to color my hair green for the big day but I got lots of negative reaction from our family and relatives. “That’s informal for a wedding” “you’ll look weird” “it’s a wedding not a cosplay event”. I know that’s a bizarre idea and I almost tried to settle with the brown hair color I have. Plain, dark and boring. But the little brat voice inside my head said,”Don’t settle for anything less. This is my wedding and I want to be that green haired chic with mermaid curls feeling like forest enchantress walking down the aisle”.  In short I want to be Dyosa! It took me a long time to decide. But here we go:

A week before the big day, I went to the hair dye shop here in Digos City and to my surprise they are out of stock. I saw 4 boxes full of green hair dye sachets a month ago!? Where are they now?

3 days before the wedding, I went to Hortaleza Vaciador Beauty and Supply in San Pedro, Davao City. This is my last hope, and still I have no luck. They don’t have green powder type hair dye there. I prefer powder since it sticks to my hair better than the cream one. So I just brought 1 litter Bremod 12% developer, Bremod hair bleaching powder, and Prosil in Rose red. Yikes! I’m gonna fry my hair.
(I don’t have any photos while coloring my hair because I did not intend to write about this and I’m so stressed back then that I only want to fix my hair.)

2 days before the wedding, now I’m gonna bleach my freaking hair at home.

Bleaching process:
Unfortunately, my hair did not cooperate that day. It’s almost 1 hour, my hair is still in light brown and may scalp is already itchy. So I decided to concede and try to fix it by the next day.
1 day before the wedding, in the morning I bought 4 tubes of Bremod cream hair dye (lightest blonde shade) to tone down my hair and remove the yellow brassy undertone. So when I apply the rose-red it wont turn into red-orange.

Lunch: Yes I succeeded! Now I have light blonde hair but still I am not satisfied. But I need to do some errands and buy some stuff for tomorrow.

By 5pm, hungry and exhausted I already want to give up on my hair. Luckily, my Mother-in-Law suggested a salon that offers hair dye labor for cheap price (300 pesos only). That time I thought I should get a professional help. I brought along my materials and rushed to Pamela G. Moreno Salon in Porras St., Obrero just nearby my in-laws’ sari-sari store.

The attendant there is very accommodating and assured me that she’ll do everything to achieve the look that I want. Let’s call her Tita Pamela.
Coloring my hair:

  1. Prepare gloves, old shirt, shower cap, plastic bowl, comb and hair brush
  2. Mix 1 part bleach powder: 2 parts developer in a plastic bowl. Stir to remove the lumps until you get the frothy consistency. If your mixture is still lumpy and dry, add more cream developer.
  3. Divide your hair into 4 sections and apply mixture on each sections. Start from the bottom (near nape) up to the top. This is hot on skin and smells like pee so be careful. If you’re done applying bleach mixture all over your hair, tie your it in a bun and cover it with a shower cap.
  4. Wait for 30-45 minutes or until you’ve reached your desired lightness. Then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Lots of conditioner!
  5. Mix 1 part hair dye powder: 2 parts developer
  6. Apply it all over your bleached hair
  7. Leave it and wait for 30 minutes
  8. Dampen your hair by spraying some water. Then lather the hair dye again all over your hair.
  9. Wait for another 30 minutes
  10. Wash with shampoo and lots of conditioner
  11. (optional) apply keratin serum on dry hair

Viola! Everyone was in awe when they saw my look. They thought it would be trashy but no. Nasa pagdadala yan.

Disclaimer: I am no hair expert but I just want to share my hair experiments.

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