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SckoonCup ® is my first menstrual cup so I will base my experience by comparing it with sanitary napkins. I've been using Menstrual Cup for 10 months before I got pregnant and I'm never going back! Here's why:

Brand: SckoonCup ®
Size: 2
Color: Wellness (Red)
Price: Php 1,700
Bought from: Mama.Baby.Love Facebook | Website
Product info from

The SckoonCup is manufactured in the US and made from medical-grade silicone. The colored silicone used for SckoonCup is FDA approved for medical and food use. It is available in 2 size, 6 different colors, and in solo packs, eco-packs and full kits that include recyclable sanitary pads.

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Size 1 is a small size that is designed for women that have not had a child vaginally. It can hold a capacity of up to 23ml of fluid.

Size 2
is a larger cup size designed for women that have already had a child vaginally. It can hold a capacity of up to 30ml of fluid.

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Purple Zen (purpple), Meditation (aqua blue), Clarity (white), Balance (light blue), sunrise (yellow), Wellness (fuschia pink), Harmony (light aqua blue)

It comes in a ziplock package with an organic cotton pouch and user guide. Here's the unboxing video I posted in facebook Last August 2015.


So SckoonCup is made of silicone. The material is really squishy, soft and smooth. It does not have seams, since it is made from one single piece of silicone, with a completely smooth outer surface. There are no sharp edges poking you. The cup's outer curve is completely smooth and gradually thickens towards the rim. Because of the thick rim, first time user may find it little tricky to insert, just look for the fold you are comfortable with.
The stem is very flexible and woobly. Some menstrual cup users cup the stem, but with this one, there wasn't any need for me.
Sckoon logo is also embedded on the rim. 

It has 5 slanted suction holes. 


After browsing through the Mama.Baby.Love Facebook page, I was really confused on what brand to choose. There are lots of brands to choose from. They offer Me Luna, Sckoon Cup, Diva Cup and many more. Watching different YouTube reviews and tutorials helped me a lot in the process. I honestly chose mine according to looks. Sckoon Cup has cute designs, colors and comes in 2 sizes. Size 1 for and Size 2 for, and I choose the latter one since I usually have a heavy menstrual flow.

Since this is my first cup, I tried to use the cup a day before my period just to practice on how to insert and remove it. Inserting is easy peasy, I really felt awkward trying to maneuver the cup down there but I got it right! Once inside, I could feel NOTHING. I did not cut the stem since it doesn't bother me at all. There are different ways to fold and insert the cup, I prefer using Punch-down fold.

Removing part is a little bit tricky. You'll just need patience. Pinch the bottom rim, twist the cup inside, and once you hear the popping sound or you felt that the suction is broken, slowly pull down the cup. Empty it, wash, and pop it right back again.

On my first cycle, I had some leaks because I did not properly placed the cup inside. When the cup does not open all the way, leaks can be expected. If you still have leaks even if you placed the cup properly, maybe you have the wrong size, model or you just need to practice more/different folds. 

I removed the cup every 3-4 hrs (just like I used to with napkins) to check if it is full. Every 3-4 hours it is usually half full. On the first 2 days of my period (which are usually heavy flow) I would empty the cup every 5 hours. During a regular flow day, the cup can last for about 5-7 hours without emptying. And on light flow days, I would empty it every 10 hours. Because of its design the Sckoon Cup has high capacity even if it looks small. However, SckoonCup recommends to empty your menstrual cup every 12 hours. 

During night time, I just need to empty it before going to bed and first thing in the morning. No leaks at all! Yey for clean sheets! 

Will you recommend it?

Absolutely! I have been a menstrual cup pusher since I started using it. I usually share my experience with my friends and family. Once you're comfortable with menstrual cup you're not going back to pads.
So what's your favorite menstrual cup brand? Share it below! I would love to hear about your experience. 

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