What Wives Really Want for Valentine's Day

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Dear husbands/fiances,

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. For most of us, this might be the most romantic holidays before you had kids or even get married. This is also the best time to rekindle the romance in your relationship. From juggling work, taking care of the you and the kids, and cleaning the house, we (wife & mother of your children) would appreciate a little token of affection to mark the holiday. And what's the best way to show your love? Gifts. Yes gifts! Not just any material gifts, you'll be surprise what these moms suggestion for you.

So I asked my fellow mommies from Dawow Moms and The Mothers Club (Davao)asking what they want for Valentine's day. I had so much fun reading their suggestions.

If you are looking for gift ideas for your beloved wife, you're in the right place!

We all know that you're a working hard to provide for your family's needs. From working overtime to out-of-town trips, your family only sees you every weekend. She craves for your time and attention. So why not spend time with her over a dinner date? It can be a fancy restaurant she's wanting to try, her favorite pizza place, or even your hang-out (tambayan) place when you're still dating. No matter how lavish or simple it is, your presence is the most important. Turn off your cellphones, talk to her and catch up. Of course, bring along her favorite bouquet of flowers and some chocolates. Trust me, hanggan langit ang kilig n'yan. 

If you're in a tight budget, you can stay at home and prepare food for her. Then spend the night while munching snacks, drinking booze and watching romantic-comedy movies. Girls, ain't that sweet?

TIP: *Book your restaurant early. At least a week before. There are some establishments that offer Valentines Day  discounts for promo for couples. Grab it para makatipid!
*If you're going to leave your kids with Grandparents or caregivers, don't give them with sweets beforehand to avoid sugar rush. You don't want someone calling you in the middle of your date because your toddler won't go to sleep or has been crying for hours. 


Roses and chocolates are famous combination of Valentine’s Day gifts. This is very likely to be taken for granted if presented with and missed if not given. The chocolates that go with the flowers are ideally given in an attractive gift basket. Paired with a sincere "I love you" or a message, this will make her go head over heels for you.

Who says V-day is for couples only? Why not include your whole family? Spending a day with your wife and kids, will make her ecstatic. You may bring them to a local park to ride bikes or watch animals. Dine out at the mall and play arcade with your little ones. If you plan ahead, relaxation at a beach or resort would be fun. Aside from material things, you hanging out with your little mini me will put a big smile on her face. 


I know love don’t cost a thing, but dude, make up would make us feel fierce and fresh like J.Lo. Though, this might be a little tricky if your trying to surprise her. Don't worry she has friends who knows her kikay problems. Option #1, ask her friends on what kind/brand she likes to use or is there an item she always wanted to purchase. If shopping for cosmetics is awkward thing for you, try online shopping. There are online shops that sells make up & skincare products such a BeautyMnl, Althea PH, Sephora,  and many more. It is also convenient since most of these online shops offer door-to-door delivery or free delivery. To make it easier, you can even opt for the gifts sets these shops offer.

Option #2, just give her a gift certificate or cash for her shopping spree. Again, your presence is a must. Accompany her as she roam the cosmetic aisles with glee. Be interested or just act the part, because this may take a long time. Lol.
Just let me leave this gif here. This might be her reaction when you invite her on make up shopping. 

The gift of healthy touch is memorable. It's a great activity to bond with your wife at the same time relieve stress from work. Massage is therapeutic, but it can also be a comforting indulgence for the both of you into a joyful place.

Giving a special piece of jewelry can be exciting. It's like a symbol of your love which she can wear everyday. If you think it’s time you bestow a special Valentine’s Day jewelry gift upon your sweetheart, it probably is.


Taking care of a child while trying to keep the whole house clean is really a tough job. Specially when you have toddlers at home. It's like brushing you teeth while eating. Lol. And if you're that kind of husband that seldom do the house chores. This is the best time to make it up to her. Volunteer yourself to help her even just for the day. You can do the laundry, cook special meal or just wash the dishes.

I think that's it! I hope I helped husbands/fiances out there. Just keep in mind (as I repeat myself), your affection and time is the most precious gift you can give to her. You can show your love no matter how extravagant or simple your gift is, as long as it comes from the heart. 

Did I miss something? Ladies, share your thoughts below! 

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