What's in My Hospital Bag Version 2.0

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Finally, I'm on my trimester of pregnancy! Now at 36 weeks, I've just finished packing my hospital bag version 2.0. I wanted to share these items that I will help me get through this birth, somewhat gracefully. Unlike on my first born, I packed too much stuff which I did not even use at the hospital. As much as possible I would like to keep things minimal. For this list, I researched a bit on my own and also based it on the things I really need. 
TIP: Pack things you will need that is good for 3-5 days only. 

Obviously, this is more of a "what's in my storage box" post. Lol. Instead of using luggage bags, I prefer using 2 stackable storage box and 1 tote bag. Why? It is easier to see the items in the boxes. Since it's transparent and organized, you can easily instruct your caretaker/watcher where to get the items you needed.
Tote Bag - contains items we will use in the Labor Room 
1 storage box - for baby's needs | 1 storage box - for my clothes, husband's clothes and essentials


So let's start with the Tote Bag which my husband will carry along inside the labor room. The things I put in here are usually used immediately after the baby's delivery.

2-3 pcs. Adult Diaper
Biscuits (or light snacks if you're still allowed to eat while in labor)
Water Bottle/Tumbler
Baby Wash
1 set Layette stuff: Newborn hat, receiving blanket, clothes, socks, mittens
1 Baby Diaper
70% Isopropyl Alcohol (I did not include it in this bag since it will be provided by the hospital)
Cellphone, Camera & Chargers (for entertainment)


It can be tempting to over-pack for your little one since you’ve probably been accumulating adorable outfits for months now, but honestly they mostly just stay naked (except for a diaper) to have lots of skin-to-skin contact. So just prepare at least 2 sets of clothes per day (times 3-5 days). 

4 pcs. Birdseye Cloth
1 pcs. Cotton Swaddle Blanket
3 pairs socks & mittens
3 pcs. Sleeveless Tie Sides
3pcs. Tie Sides with Sleeves
1pc. Long Sleeve Onesie
2 pcs. Newborn Cap
1 pcs. Frog suit - for taking home outfit
4 pcs. Pajama

1 pack Disposable Diapers (this contains 22 pcs.)
Cotton Balls
Unscented Wet Wipes
70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Hooded Towel/Blanket
Petroleum Jelly
Baby Oil
Cotton Buds


Documents (SSS, PHIC) & I.Ds - place it in a waterproof envelope
3 pairs of Comfy Clothes - shorts & shirts
6 pairs Undergarments - underwear and nursing bra
1 Maternity dress - my going-home outfit
Maternity Sanitary Pads - I prefer overnight/all night pads
Hand Towel

Blanket & Pillow -for caretaker
3 pairs of clothes for Caretaker

3 sachets of Shampoo and Conditioner
Bath Soap
Feminine Wash - my OB suggested using Betadine Feminine Wash
Toothbrush & toohpaste
Tissue Roll
Lip Tint - for picture taking! Atleast din man lang ako magmukhang zombie

I think that’s it. So what do you think? Does this look similar to what was in your hospital bag? I hope you’ve found my post helpful. I would also love to know what you moms out there brought – or wish you brought – to your births. Good luck to all mommies to be!  :)

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  1. Have a safe delivery! I only pack two bags before, one for the baby and one for me and hubby. We only stayed for 3 days so enough lang din yung napack ko. :)

  2. Prayers for your safe delivery! I think you have this hospital packing down pat! Everything you will need is neatly stashed, si baby na lang ang kulang! :)

  3. I can't help but remember my big day 3 years ago. Ako ang dala ko small maleta para hilahin na lang ng mom ko hehe, pero separated yung things in big pouches, I also brought rosary, and some cash and coins on hand para if ever may bibilhin. Good luck and God bless on your big day ;)

  4. Have a safe delivery, mommy! Nakaka excite at masarap mag-ayos ng hspital hospital bag. I remember paulit ulit kong inaayos ang gamit namin ni baby bago ang due date ko. Be healthy, baby!

  5. I barely remember what I had in my hospital bag all those years ago. I feel like if I had to pack one now, I wouldn't know where to start na. :)

  6. Wow you're so organized. Ang cute ng baby mo (I saw her pictures in your IG feed).

  7. Ihihi. I love this post. I could very well relate. I am on my 17th weeks and still a long way to labor but finding time to arrange things inside my hospital bag is something thrilling. I also separate my baby's things from ours (husband's and mine). We also buy bed pads from the grocery as they are way too expensive when bought in the hospital's pharmacy.

  8. Have a safe delivery and good job in packing all necessary things, mommy!

  9. Congratulations on childbirth, mummy! :) I packed the same way when I gave birth, but in three bags instead, and inside each bag are pouches of stuff with labels. The husband thanked me for that.

  10. Wow it looks like you're prepared for the big day! In my case, my friend sent me a list of things I needed to bring to the hospital. Actually, some of them I didn't get to use but it's better to have an oversupply rather than buy or look for things at the last minute

  11. Oh thanks for putting this altogether. Soon il be preparing mine too for my due date on September this year. Have a safe and smooth delivery!

  12. Looks very complete! I also had a very OC planned hospital bag for my first delivery but ended up using just 1/4 of the things.

    Hoping for your safe delivery!

  13. You're all set. This post makes me nostalgic about my two pregnancies. The first one was a twin pregnancy so it was crazy. The second one was a singleton but because it was a single baby, I had different preparations. You got this Dear! Have a safe delivery:)

  14. Since my youngest is already a teen I can't remember anymore how I prepped for giving birth. I don't even remember bringing stuff XD

  15. I remember being so unprepared with my youngest when I labored. I had a baby bag but it wasn't complete. My best friend was the one that sent over the ones we have left out of our list. ;)

  16. Praying for your safe delivery. You're good to go, your hospital bag is very organized.

  17. Congratulations mommy! I actually overpacked clothes and forget to bring diapers! Hubby had to run down immediately to get new born nappies while I'm in the operating room for my CS!

  18. I was in this condition just 6 months ago. I was so excited to pack for the hospital. I just really wanted the pregnancy to be over. Haha! Have a safe delivery. :)

  19. This makes me want to revise the contents of my hospital bag. Haha. I'm due this month and parang ang gulo ng laman ng bag ko haha.

  20. I tend to pack a lot every time I give birth. Congratulations on your little one :)

  21. Even the caretaker has his/her own kit. Nice! It really pays to be prepared for when the baby's coming out.

  22. This post reminds me of my pregnancy. Giving birth is one of the wonderful event in a life of a woman she'll treasure forever. Have a safe and healthy delivery!

  23. I remember I also prepared a bag before I gave birth to my youngest pero hindi ganito ka organized haha. Very helpful reference for moms who will be delivering soon.

  24. Since I have an emergency cs ang ready ko lang na pack is for my baby and the documents for me and hubby siya na ang nag pack :-).I am 15 days early in my due date kasi, I am supposed to have an ordinary check up only and it turns out na manganganak na pala ako

  25. I had the same hospital bag items plus a folder that has my medical and family history in it.

  26. Such an organized momma! Praying for your safe and seamless delivery!


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