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2:55 PM

After my long hiatus, finally I got time (and enough sleep) to start writing again. I haven't posted in a while, you can probably guess that SHE FINALLY CAME! First of all, I can totally testify that every pregnancy is different. With my first born, I didn't experience any serious problems during my pregnancy. While on our second baby, I had recurrent urinary track infection, preterm labor (Read: Surviving Preterm) and false labor. As you can remember, I wrote about my experience with preterm labor when I was still 31 weeks pregnant. Since then I've been taking medicine and was advised to a complete bed rest. We also found out that she has a cord coil around her neck. Despite of my situation, I've always imagined that my birth plan will be followed. I stated there that I wanted to have an unmedicated childbirth, delayed cord clamping and breastfeeding right after baby was out just like what we did with my firstborn. But we went through few bumps along the road. Without further ado ...

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl on Wednesday, February 22nd at 8: 55 p.m.  She weighed 2.9 kilos. But let me rewind…

Margaux's first photo


35 weeks: It was a usual morning, my husband went to work and I was left at home. Just right after I finished my breakfast, I felt some menstrual cramps and found out that I had a bloody show. So I called H right away and we head to the hospital. My OB did an internal examination and said that I am already 3cm dilated. I had uncomfortable cramps all day, but nothing you could set your watch to. So we decided to go home and just wait for the real contractions. After 2 days the cramps and spotting were gone. We're thankful that I didn't have a preterm birth.

LABOR at 37 weeks pregnant

February 20: Prenatal Day. OB did an internal examination if my dilation progressed. As expected I had some spotting after that. I didn't mind it at all since there's no pain. Just some cramps on my stomach and backaches.

February 21: In the morning I already lost my mucous plug. I’d been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for a month, but once my mucus plug came out, the sensations changed. It felt like I was about to get my period, but there were no identifiable waves and nothing were intense. We were so nervous and excited at the same time. My husband and I anxiously talked about the upcoming arrival of our daughter.

By 7 pm that day, that my underwear was wet. Just around 2tbsp of fluid. Actually, I can't determine if it's my bag of water or I just peed myself. The stubborn me didn't want to go to the hospital since I don't feel any change at all. I am afraid that it'll be another false alarm. But just to appease my very anxious husband, I eventually agreed to have myself checked. We went to the ER, did some routine check and another internal examination done by the resident OB. She said that my amniotic sac is still intact and maybe I just peed myself. Lol. So we went home laughing about this.

February 22: THE BIG DAY!
9 a.m. - The cramps, spotting and backaches were all gone. I thought that everything was back to normal again. So I dismissed the idea that I'm going to give birth today. Besides, my actual goal is to give birth by 38-39 weeks. After eating breakfast, I lay in bed and watched T.V. Suddenly, I wanted to pee so I went to the bathroom. Then that's where my water broke. It was a gush of clear fluid. There was lots of fluid leaking but I hadn't felt any pain or contractions. So I immediately called my husband. He rushed at home and helped me packed our things. I am a little disappointed because this meant an induction for labor—something I felt strongly against. I wanted to be able to labor freely, naturally and walking around the room. I arrived the hospital with fluid dripping on my legs, they immediately assisted me to a bed and did some routine check up while waiting for my OB.

hooked up to oxytocin and waiting for regular contractions

12 noon- The OB came in and suggested to do an induction. A few minutes after, I was hooked up to Oxytocin and antibiotics. She feared the me and my baby might catch an infection if we will going to wait for the contractions. I strongly requested that I don't want any pain relievers/epidural at all. I want to experience every contraction while giving birth.

5 cm and just right before we went to the labor room. Look how low my tummy is!

6 p.m.- the induction meds kicked in and I can feel a strong and frequent contractions around 3-5 minute interval. I walked around the room whenever contractions come in. I requested to be checked in the labor room since my contractions are now coming at regular intervals.

8 p.m - I am already in the delivery room. The contractions are coming at 2-3 minute interval. They got crazy strong. Soon, my clenched teeth turned into open-mouthed moans, and eventually just full-blown yells. I found myself squatting, bending over, lying down, and in all sorts of different positions to ease the pain. Before I knew I was 8 cm dilated. The pain was unbearable. We didn't experience delayed cord clamping because baby's cord tightens around here neck whenever I tried to push her shoulders out. So just right after her head popped out they need to immediately cut the cord. And after 30 minutes of hard, determined, but controlled pushing with the support of my amazing ob-gyne and nurses, my baby girl was born at 8:55 p.m., weighing 2.9 kilos thru Normal Spontaneous Delivery. We immediately perform Unang Yakap at Unang Hakab. Holding and feeding her for the first time is indeed a very magical moment. It was equally the most intense, beautiful and surreal experience I’ve ever gone through, especially getting to experience it with Keith.

Our first photo together. Don't mind my face. lol

1 day old
Right after we roomed in, I was able to take a bath and change my clothes. I really don't like hospital gowns.
Jolo meeting his little sister for the first time

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