The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2017 in Davao City

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We attended our first The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) and it was super fun! Parents from all over Philippines gathered to celebrate The Great Cloth Diaper Change last April 22, 2017. It is an event conducted every year to help raise awareness for reusable cloth diapers. The event also coincides with Earth Day. Aside from sharing the advocacy, GCDC aims to break the Guinness World Book of Records on the most cloth diaper changed simultaneously. For this year we attended here at Davao City which was organized by Cloth Diaper Addicts PH (CDAPH) in cooperation with Cloth Diapering Moms Davao.

Photo credits to: Carlo Lastimado Estrada Photography

I've been looking forward to join this event ever since I met my fellow mommy friends who are also using cloth diapers for their babies. When Jolo was a baby, I have no idea about cloth diapers. Luckily, when I got pregnant with Margaux I gained friends who are promoting reusable and organic products for their kids. I am thankful that they are very supportive and patient in guiding me through my journey. The program consists of lectures, question and answer portion, games, and raffles. They also have stalls where you can purchase different baby products from local retailers. The Change is the main highlight of the program. It is when mommies and daddies change their baby's diaper at the same time.

As for newbies like me, it was a relief to see many people are now into Eco friendly products. GCDC is more about setting world records. It is a community effort and a support system. The Great Cloth Diaper change is a place to meet new friends, connect with local business/retailers, and experience a boosterish community first-hand. Cloth diapers may be overwhelming for first timers like me, but because of this events we may gain more friends who are eager to share their knowledge. Besides, the main goal of The Great Cloth Diaper Change is to share the benefits, simplicity and ease of using cloth diaper to families who may not tried it yet.

How was your The Great Cloth Diaper Change Experience?

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