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"Ma, how do plants grow?" "Why are there big plants and small plants?" "What do plants eat?" - These are some of the questions my 7yo homeschooler has been asking me for weeks. So I decided to make a Plant Unit Study for Science. I love the idea of gardening but it was a little intimidating for me. I may grew up in a home where we had a backyard garden that provided lots of fresh vegetables, but I have never gardened before.  Luckily I came across a fellow homeschooler's Facebook post about MNL Grow Kits' Sow & Gro Plant kits  and that help us a lot in our unit study. This is truly a life saver! All you need is in a box!

Can you see the excitement in his eyes?

I purchased our first plant kit at Echostore Davao for only 165 pesos. You can visit there shop at Robinsons Highlands, Diversion Road, Buhangin Davao City or check their facebook page here: https://web.facebook.com/echostoredavao/The attendant there was very nice and she helped me choose a plant for Jolo. She said that tomatoes germinate faster and my son will see a sprout after 5-8days. 

If you're not from Davao, you can also order Sow & Gro Plant Kits through online at MNL Grow Kits' Website (www.mnlgrowkits.com) or Instragram account (@mnlgrowkits).


Sow & Gro Plant Kit comes with a packet of plant seeds, a coconut husk starter pot, a popsicle stick plant marker, organic potting mix, organic fertilizer, and an instruction booklet. It was so easy to use! You'll just need to put them all together and watch your precious sprouts emerge after few days!

Everything you need to start gardening!

As he watched the plants grow, my son was excited to see the changes even a day could make. He learned that plants need air, soil and sunlight to grow. He is also knew that he is responsible of  keeping the plants watered and making sure it gets sunlight. He was amazed that plants also move and bend as they try to get light from the sun.

Jolo is sowing tomato seeds.

Day 1 | After waterting the seeds you must cover it to maintain humidity. You can remove the cover and put the plant under the sun once you've seen sprouts.

Day 4 | Our first Tomato seedling

Day 8

Day 12 | We need to repot these seedlings after day 14 since they are getting a little crowded

I printed out this seed chart from Mama's Learning Corner and let him draw his day-to-day observations.  We also watch YouTube videos, made mini seed booklets, parts of a plant diagram and a plant life cycle chart. I will probably include those on my next blog post.


Jolo learned how to appreciate and nurture God's creation throught this project. I am so excited for our next projects. Yey! We might purchase some seeds soon and start an urban garden in our apartment. As for me, I found out that learning along side with our kids is one of the perks of homeschooling that I love. 

What projects made your homeschooler busy these days?

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