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Breastfeeding a toddler is a struggle these past few days. We have been dealing with a growth spurt, teething and sleepless nights -all at the same time. M had been comfort nursing non-stop for almost every hour of the day and this momma needs help! Despite all of my efforts, there are times that I would feel "dry" as if my milk supply went low. Luckily, a lovely friend of mine gave me these Mommycuddle Hub lactation goodies as a birthday gift. It was indeed a happy moment. Thank God for mommy friends! They really know your struggles! This will be my first time to try out these lactation goodies. So if you're interested to know about my thoughts and reactions on Lactation Treats from Mommycuddle Hub, just keep on reading! 


The packaging is lovely. It looks like a gift box itself. A set of LactaBrownies and LactaBlondies come in a cute kraft box with a transparent top cover. Brownies and Blondies are packed individually, which means you can easily bring one when going out. LactaCookies comes in a plastic container with a cute golden ribbon. While, MQT Natural Moringa Teas are packed in a golden/tan sealed pouch. They look sleek and presentable. If you plan to give these treats to your mommy-friends or workmates, purchase it and you're good to go!


TASTE TEST! Mommycuddle Hub's Lactation Goodies come in a variety of flavors you can choose from. If you're a mom who loves chocolates (like me), I would recommend that you should try their LactaBrownies. These are yummy, soft and chewy chocolatey brownies filled with galactagogues. These are great to pair with your favorite hot drink. Yummy, right? However, if you love nutty flavored desserts, I would suggest trying out their Lactablondies These are like brownies but without the chocolate. It has this nutty and bit salty flavor which nut-loving people should try. They come in different fillings such as Reese Swirl Lactablondie and Nutella Lactablondies. Finally, as I am writing this blog, I am also trying to hide my few last pieces of Lactacookies from my toddler! She loves munching on those oatmeal cookies. If you're not a fan of super sweet desserts, then Lactacookies are for you. These cookies have the right amount of sweetness that you will like. 

Super easy to snack on and they are filling. They are made with galactagogues such as brewer's yeast, oats, fenugreek and flax seeds to help increase your milk supply. Full of nutritious ingredients for moms and babies.

So now you're kinda confused on which flavor to try first? Worry no more, since you can order these treats in assorted flavors. Mommycuddle Hub is also the only authorized reseller of the best selling Mother Nurture choco/coffee in Davao, other products offered are:  Mega malunggay capsules, malunggay powder, M2 drink, MQT lactation tea, storage bags, Dula Silicon pump,Nipple cream, infinity scarves and more. Follow Mommycuddle Hub on Facebook and on Instagram to know more about their products.  

I hope you had fun reading my reviews! See you next week for another #HonestReviewByMommyKorai! 


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