Breastfeeding advocacy: It's not just about your feelings. | Rant

1:19 AM

This is a response to those who can't or won't understand the outrage behind Marian Rivera's endorsement with a milk brand.

You're not seeing the big picture. Breastfeeding advocacy is not just food. It's not just about your feelings. This about public health. If you grew up in a slum area where malnourished kids blindly consume diluted powdered milk because they think its more superior than food, I think you would understand the battle cry behind proper COMPLEMENTARY FEEDING. That is all because their parents are influenced by neighbors and TV ads that cows milk is essential. Seeing a toddler who doesn't want to eat and is losing weight is very sad. Instead of correcting the feeding habits, they'll just band-aid it with milk. Money that is suppose to be spent on food, ends up as a sachet of milk.
I hope you rescued a wasting 5month old child weighing 1kilo only because her mom doesn't think that her milk is sufficient for her child.
I hope you've seen a teenage mom giving "am" to her toddler because she thinks babies can't digest table food.
This is not just about you and your decision. This is about sharing VITAL information to those who can't access doctors and medical facilities. This is about making #informeddecision. This is for the poor Filipinos. This is for the kids, the future of our country, our planet. Hindi ito contest kung sino ang pinakamagaling. This is about giving our fellow kababayans a fighting chance in life. The kids will grow up healthy and strong, that their parents are well-informed.
You are an influencer. Whatever you do can help shape the decision of your neighbors, your friend, and your family. Help them make better choices. Share information. Uplift every Filipino family.
Breastfeeding and Tamang Kain are food security.
Breastfeeding and Tamang Kain are SOCIAL EQUALIZERS.
Growing up milk is not a NEED, it is a WANT. Your wants are not the same as other people's NEED.
FOOD is what kids need. Information is what parents NEED.
Be informed. Wag snowflakes.
This is my last rant. it really breaks my heart that you can't see the bigger picture. Instead, you'd like to focus on your own guilt.

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