Muji Planner 2020 - Minimalist & Functional Planner for Moms

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Taking care of the kids and juggling work on a daily basis is crazy! Trying to manage your schedule, your kid's schedule, tasks, work, errands, and check-ups while having two or more kids is difficult! There are school activities every 3 months. Dentist appointments every 6 months. Monthly Bills. OB-Gyne appointments. MEAL PLANS! Monthly reports! I even ask myself about some random things like: When was the last time we cleaned the ref? When was the last time my child was sick? 

This is why moms need planners!

We need planners not just to organize our lives, but also relieve ourselves from the constant mental load that we carry every day. 


For the past years, I've been jumping from one planner to another - trying to look for my "planner peace". I've tried Happy Planner, Hobonichi, Bullet Journal, Generic Planner and Starbucks Planner, but none of them has checked all the features that I want to have in a planner. Personally, I want something that is functional, easy-to-carry, has high-quality paper and lots of writing space. 

Luckily, I found out about Muji Planner through YoutTube, just a few days before 2019 ended.  I immediately browsed through Shopee and bought one for myself. Finally, I've decided to go with Muji B6 Planner with Horizontal Weekly Spread

Why Muji 2020 B6 Planner with Horizontal Weekly Spread is perfect for moms?

I find that paper planners are a more polite way to take down notes while talking to someone or in a meeting, so I need to make sure that I have my planner with me all the time. Because the B6 planner has a dimension of 5 in. x 7 in., it perfectly fits inside a Jujube Large Set piece. You can easily bring it wherever you go!


Muji Planner has dedicated monthly pages for tracking 13 months of planning, 60 weekly spreads and extra grid pages that can be used for bullet journaling. Like I said, this planner is very minimal yet versatile. This is perfect for those who loves straightforward planners and don't like extra unnecessary pages. While for those who love stickers and fancy pens, like me, this planner is still perfect for you too! You can easily decorate the pages to showcase your creativity and also a fun way to stress-relief.  

Sample Monthly Spread
Monthly Spread
Extra Grid Pages for Trackers, Notes, Etc.
This planner sets up a week at a glance so you can see what you have scheduled all week long. It’s hard to plan even the day ahead, but knowing what you have to plan for the whole week is key to stay on top of everything.

Sample Weekly Spread

Flat binding: Muji has a flat binding style that enables it to stay open on a flat surface.
High-Quality Paper: Paper is thick enough to be able to use a gel pen and highlighters without bleeding. 

The plastic cover is durable and has sleeves. These are handy for inserting receipts, cards, etc.

Yearly Spread for Plotting Important Dates for the Whole Year. You also use this as your habit or mood trackers.


I constantly keep my eyes open for planners that offer something new; such as a unique layout format to neatly house my daily notes and tasks. For now,  I just love the simplicity and versatility of the Muji Planner. So if you’re looking for a functional planner, then Muji Monthly-Weekly Planner is a great choice at 445 pesos only.

I hope my blog for
 Muji Planner has helped you! 
What planner do you plan to use for 2020? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you. 

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  1. wow! infairness, ang ganda at mura sya. I will check this brand and maybe get it for next year! thanks for sharing!


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